Add-ins Manager

Last version :
Last update : 7 February 2020
Download size : 0.55 MB
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Compatible with :
  • Windows 10
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The BIM One Add-ins Manager allows you to easily install, update or uninstall our applications. Make sure your BIM applications are closed before running the Add-ins Manager.

Make sure Revit is closed and let the Addin-ins Manager install the add-ins on your computer.

Now, the Add-ins Manager allows you to also download Dynamo scripts that will make your job easier.

Benefits :

  • Easy management of our add-ins
  • Access to our add-ins and Dynamo scripts with a single click

Here is what you will find in our Add-ins Manager:

  • More than 4 BIM One
  • Over33 Case Inc. apps
  • More than 10 Dynamo scripts

And all for free!



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