4th pack of free Dynamo scripts to take control of Revit

Posted on February 28, 2020 by Jean-Marc Couffin
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4th pack of free Dynamo scripts to take control of Revit

Today we’re sharing three free Dynamo scripts to make your life easier when you are trying to maintain the quality of your Revit models, from prefix to dimensions, to workset creation automatically or the ability to batch rename everything in Revit, you will now have control. These are time-consuming tasks that our BIM Experts have to execute every day, likely just like you!

In case you missed our previous pack, you can check it out here.

All our scripts are available through our Add-ins manager.

PACK #4 - Taking control of Revit

We will describe a few problems that this pack aims to resolve. Not interested in the why? Go directly to the description of the 3 scripts.

  • Prefix dimensions- Say you’re an architect, and work on existing buildings, therefore all dimensions are precise up to a certain point. Drawing conventions make us use prefix +/- in front of every existing dimension on the drawing. You may also want to specify certain conditions by prefixing certain types of dimensions.
  • Workset Creation from Excel file - When talking about BIM Execution Plan, we tend to see the same pattern in naming conventions and workset creation. Some projects would work with 10 worksets, others would work with 10+ across several models. Propagating these worksets can be a long and tedious journey.
  • Rename almost everything in Revit - Companies tend to identify families they use or create by the acronym for the company name, or you might identify family categories by another acronym in the name: “AN” for annotation but you want to change it to “TA” as those specific families are tags. Your material might be named by uniformat division but you got it wrong for a hundred of them. Even though the F2 shortcut helps in some areas of Revit, it can be another long journey.

PACK #4 - Take control of Revit



While it is possible to add a prefix one by one to every dimension in your project, this script let you add a prefix to a specific dimension type. You will be able to replace or remove prefix as well.

The full script: Prefix dimensions
Figure 2.0 The full script: Prefix dimensions


  1. Fill in the text prefix you need
  2. Enter the partial or full name of the dimension type you want the prefix to be set.


  • Automate the creation of all your worksets in one operation.
  • Create a series of worksets based on an Excel file. 
  • Modify the name of default Revit worksets. 
  • Create worksets for Revit Links based on their name.
Le script complet: Création de sous-projets à partir d’un fichier excel
Figure 3.0 The full script: Workset creation from an Excel file


  1. Fill in the Excel file template names
  2. Launch the script in Dynamo and set the file path to your Excel file.



Search and replace works up to a very short extent in Revit, with the script you can:

  • Searching a specific text and replacing it in all Revit families, types, line styles, materials, and more.
  • Several modes for search and replace are available: starts with, ends with, contains
The full script: Rename almost everything in Revit
Figure 5.0 The full script: Rename almost everything in Revit


  1. Fill in the searched text field
  2. Input the replacement text
  3. Select the types of elements you want to get renamed
  4. Pick the search mode.

If you have any questions about these scripts, please do not hesitate to contact us on dynamo@bimone.com. If you’d like to receive the latest news, sign up here to our monthly newsletter.

Jean-Marc Couffin
BIM Specialist

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