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Posted on June 7, 2018 by Alexine Gordon-Stewart

Franck Murat, BIM / VDC Technical Director at BIM One, brings 12 years of expertise in BIM from time spent in both France and Quebec. We interviewed him regarding his experiences, and the industry in general.

Describe your job in one word.

Well in French, we would say “accompaniment” which really doesn’t have a direct translation. It’s almost like being a wingman for our clients. You need to always be there in case there is something they are not comfortable with or something they have questions. You need to be trustworthy, present and reliable so that they feel confident in an environment that they are not 100% comfortable with.

What advice will you give to someone who wants to become a BIM manager?

The most important thing is to master the discipline in which they want to become a BIM manager. It is obviously important to master the main technological tools, and to stay at the forefront of progress, but also not to neglect the human aspect. Success in transmitting the best ways of doing a certain process or technique to a team is, in my opinion, the key to success. Finding the balance between the best technical solutions and the reality of a company ensures that your strategies can be maintained without your presence. We have to adjust to the fact that sometimes we need to slightly modify our processes, or simplify a technical aspect to achieve a profitable and sustainable result for the company.

What is your greatest accomplishment of your career?

To participate, in my own way, in the fact that Quebec is one of the major players in the implementation of BIM in the country today. At the project level, it's to see that I managed, in my small part, to advance things, and not only for the projects I am directly involved in. I am always pleased to see traces of content in documentation or working practices from teams that I have not yet collaborated with. It feels like I have contributed then in helping to move the industry forward. Because the ultimate goal is to improve the level of general expertise in Quebec and beyond, to improve our built environment. And that happens by sharing our expertise.

In all your experience, what have you not been able to solve yet?

I have not yet managed to make sure that BIM is fully integrated into all the projects I work on. There is clearly an improvement, but there is still room for more as often there is the project and BIM: two separate entities.

What attracted you to BIM One?

There are several things that attracted me to working at BIM One. Integrating a team that can work at all stages of a BIM project, and who can get involved with all stakeholders was a significant factor. There was, and still is, the potential for international projects and so to take advantage of expanded expertise, which allows us to stay cutting edge. In addition, integrating a team that develops software, and indirectly participating in its creation, instead of just using software as required by the BIM consultation work, is a rather unique opportunity in the market. It becomes possible to work directly on the improvement of the solution, rather than learn to circumvent the limitations; it is a reversal of the usual way of thinking which is very stimulating. It is also a dynamic team, and it was a nice challenge for me to get out of my comfort zone.

What are the big challenges for the BIM One team over the next few years?

In a constantly evolving industry, where the level of maturity is increasing every day, the main challenge is, and will always remain, to be ahead and to position ourselves as a leader. We must therefore maintain our level of expertise beyond market standards. To achieve these goals, we:

  • Are constantly looking to improve our technological know-how, as well as processes
  • Are involved in education and research (university, college, research bodies)
  • Carefully select our team members
  • Actively work to disseminate our expertise internally (sessions of monthly team sharing, consolidation / dissemination platform, mentoring ...).

We also face another challenge because of our strong growth, the geographical spread of our teams and their different languages. We therefore set up group activities, we encourage and facilitate as much as possible communication between all members of the team, without distinction, and we are constantly listening to each member. It is important that each individual feels good and involved in the team. It's one thing to want to be the best, but it’s important to remember to have fun too!

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

As the BIM / VDC Technical Director of the biggest BIM team in not just Quebec, not just Canada, but all of North America.

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Alexine Gordon-Stewart
Marketing Director, BIM One

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