At the start of the Boucle Pierre Lavoie: nervously and excitedly aware of just how long 135 kms will be. From top-left: Jonas Claros Vasquez, Mustapha Djaziri, Alexine Gordon-Stewart, Christian Proulx. From bottom-left: Vincent Carignan, Franck Murat, Jean-François Lapointe, Alain Bolduc, Vincent Guégen.

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Posted on June 25, 2018 by Alexine Gordon-Stewart

Last weekend, nine brave souls from the BIM One team attempted the 135km bike ride near Quebec City known as the Boucle Pierre Lavoie. We are proud to report that each team member rode to the best of their abilities and that most made it over the finish line!

The team had a great time training, splitting their sessions between larger organized rides in Drummondville and Trois-Rivieres and impromptu rides to work or on the weekends in Quebec City and Montreal.

As none of us had ever competed before in this challenge, we didn’t quite know what to expect. Blazing heat: yes. Burning legs: yes. Whole towns lining the streets, cheering, performing and entertaining the riders: no. Headwinds so strong you didn’t notice the 30°C heat: no.

I am so proud of the teamwork we showed. We rode in a tight unit most of the time, alternating who “ate the wind” at the front of the pack. The stronger amongst us floated between the front and back, shouting “minus one!” to make sure we stayed together. When some of us had a hard time over that final hill, we all slowed so we could cross that finish line together. The teamwork even continued that night, with a convoy en route back to Montreal.

Figure 1.0 Check out the video of our day and hear from the team what it was like tackling the Boucle Pierre Lavoie (French).

A special thank you to Jean-François Lapointe for encouraging us to join and pushing us all from training through to the day itself to rise to the challenge.

The route of Boucle Pierre Lavoie.
Figure 2.0 The route of Boucle Pierre Lavoie.

Alexine Gordon-Stewart
Marketing Director, BIM One

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