Verticality + Transversality = Optimal valuation of information!

Once the change is underway, this is the beginning of value creation. To maximize your earnings, BIM One offers a methodical and structured approach, guided by information management professionals. Information is first generated and exploited vertically, either at one, two, or at several stages of the life cycle of your assets. At this stage, certain phases are prioritized, but targeted future uses are also considered.

The valuation of information is then carried out in a transversal way with a strategic approach, developed specifically for your organization. The focus is then on how to achieve the set objectives and the target gains. In practice, the teams involved in the dissemination and exchange of information are accompanied and equipped to facilitate communications and the implementation of new processes.

BIM without planning drains resources, while the use of good practices realizes the benefits.

Valeur de l'information partagée

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