A project BIM manager oversees a project's BIM implementation. They help direct the project team while also offering advice on modeling strategies, procedures, and best practices. They oversees the project deliverables and are responsible for monitoring the health of the model, acting as quality control on the model, keeping track of model issues, and facilitating model sharing.

It's a big job and one that's essential to any BIM project.

Many firms will internally promote a senior staff member into this position. For firms that don't have the capacity, or that don't have enough BIM or VDC work to justify a full-time BIM manager, BIM One can take on the role of project BIM manager.

We will appoint one of our experienced staff members to take care of your project team. They will develop a BIM Management Plan (BMP), run coordination meetings, monitor the quality of your models, and share BIM One's insights into improving the technological processes.

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