Building parametric BIM objects will be a favorable factor for the projects iterative design realized with BIM process. However, the development and management of the objects introduce new challenges for firms in the construction industry due to the need to represent the 3D geometry but also to incorporate other types of information to these objects like construction costs, sequencing, specifications, descriptions, materials, performance criteria, etc.

We work with architects, engineers and contractors to create virtual libraries of objects for BIM.Our BIM content creation services allow product manufacturers or design firms in the AEC industry to use highly configurable virtual objects that accurately represent the actual features and information specified products.

There is a growing trend for manufacturers of building products to provide 3D models that are BIM-Ready.This ensures that their products are part of all construction projects.

Few manufacturers of building products have the expertise or resources, however, to create 3D models of products that are BIM-ready, they must contain all the information required for designers and contactors and feature an appropriate balance of information to avoid overloading building designers with unnecessary data.

How do you decide what products you need to create first?
How do you determine what information to include in your models?
BIM One experts have experience in all areas of building construction and we have developed a process of creating BIM products for virtual design construction.We use BIM standards that specifically address issues such as naming conventions, level of development, compliance with industry standards, organizational files structure, and data export.

Our creation standards are very important to accelerate and standardize the process of creating parametric BIM objects.We will ensure that your family will cover all the essential aspects required for optimal use in your projects.

These efforts are consistent with an approach to BIM content development that focuses on the use of information contained in the BIM objects for VDC.These methods are introduced and reinforced with a personalized training program which aims to provide both technical knowledge, planning and organization.These new processes are documented and updated in the BIM deployment plan(BDP), which evolves gradually as the user becomes familiar with the delivery method based on virtual models.

Whether you want to outsource the entire product creation or create them yourself, we have the know-how to help you create a range of virtual products for BIM and distribution strategy.

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