Classroom training is great when you need to get everyone at a base level of knowledge and ability.But over time, as people begin to learn on their own this knowledge level becomes varied,and problem - solving becomes more complex than just searching for an answer online.

This is where Just - In - Time training comes in.

Offering one - on - one support to our clients, BIM One pulls from its experience as architects, engineers, and contractors to apply a process that is responsive and based on a project team's level of knowledge and capabilities. We're not about a big book of recipes, which means our approach isn't one-sided. It's about understanding what a project team is trying to accomplish, if they're asking the right questions, and finding a technical solution that may or may not be software based. More often than not, BIM One has seen a lot of these problems before and we are the experts who can work with you to find the right solutions. Whether working on-site or remotely with your project team, BIM One will save your team from banging their heads on the wall and help speed up the process for delivering projects. We know you have tight deadlines and it is difficult to take time away from billable work to get the training and support you need. We can provide mentoring side-by-side for you and your team that will allow you to design and analysis of real BIM, VDC and CIM projects while we support you to ensure optimal results.

The main objective of this service is to provide user support on site(in your office), via our teams in Quebec City, Montreal and Vancouver. However, we can also offer remote support by phone or through the use of online web services support.

Our approach include mentoring and development of BIM, VDC and CIM leadership. The "Project Technology Manager" is a relatively new role within the construction industry. For medium to large companies who are about to implements BIM, VDC or CIM , the project technology manager position should be in place to achieve success. The project technology manager is an integral part of the whole process of project realization and therefore the position requires extensive knowledge and skills. A project technology manager must understand the information flow of the project, have strong training and communication skills, decision making skills and must work well within a team.

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