We offer BIM, CIM and VDC technologies strategies to savvy design/construction professionals unfamiliar with the benefits of BIM, CIM and VDC and how it can improve their companies, as well as, those who already have a good knowledge of BIM, CIM and VDC but experience difficulties getting a return on investment.

BIM One considers BIM, CIM and VDC technologies extensively, advising clients on long-term strategies, management, personnel, infrastructure and investment needed to succeed with building processes who use technology. We work with our clients to identify core obstacles and help develop sustainable solutions. Our recommendations are based on a thorough analysis of each organization's needs and are based on our belief that BIM, VDC and CIM can be deployed in small, medium and large businesses. Working closely with customers, BIM One deploys a strategic roadmap that describes the capabilities, processes, technologies, resources and methods to measure performance and achieve their business goals. This roadmap aims to focus efforts on the customer weakness that will lead to tangible improvements. This process will guide all efforts, and will continue to evolve based on the ability of the team to execute the plan in accordance with the established performance objectives.

We focus your strategic investments to avoid technological hype and achieve results.

  • Organisation BIM, VDC and CIM Audit
  • Infrastructure & Technology Audit
  • Staffing & Public Tender
  • Delivery Process
  • Research
  • Market opportunity definition

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