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Posted on April 26, 2018 by Jean-François Lapointe

Montreal, QC, April 26th, 2018 - BIM One is proud to announce a new partnership between our team and ÉTS Training. ÉTS Formation, a university with excellent construction industry links, has joined forces with BIM One to meet the ever-growing needs of training associated with new construction processes and technologies. Our team of BIM managers and specialists will be offering training starting this fall that will share the best practices of the industry, tailored to the Quebec and Canadian market(s).

BIM curriculum at ÉTS Formation

This training series will cover topics that improve the performance of companies that have decided to start or with to expand their use of BIM. The course is divided into two main themes: the use of BIM in a management context and the technical side with current and emerging tools. Technologies evolve rapidly and our practices must adapt to them.

Synergy between BIM One and ÉTS Formation

There is a bone-deep culture of collaboration present in both organizations. Our joint mission focused on the development of industry talent and skills has naturally brought us closer and certainly facilitated this partnership. BIM One’s real-life industry experience enables us to teach the "why", as well as the "how" of BIM, in line with ÉTS Formation’s mission. BIM One will be able to transfer its expertise and best practices to a maximum of stakeholders based on ÉTS Formation’s model of accessibility.

Isabelle de la Barrière, Directrice chez ÉTS Formation, et Jean-François Lapointe, Directeur de services BIM chez BIM One, à nos bureaux de Montréal hier pour annoncer le partenariat.
Isabelle de la Barrière, Director at ÉTS Formation, and Jean-François Lapointe, Director of BIM Services at BIM One, at our Montreal offices yesterday to announce the partnership.

It was a pleasure to welcome Isabelle de la Barrière, Director at ÉTS Formation, to our Montreal BIM One offices yesterday. "The market is evolving in relation to its’ BIM training needs, which is why we are launching four new courses. I have been working for several years with the BIM One team and I have always been impressed by the professionalism and quality of their training. This partnership is ideally suited to develop the BIM service offering of ÉTS Formation ".

From the BIM One point of view, Jean-François Lapointe, Director of BIM Services, shares: "We hope this collaboration has a long life. We know that this partnership will provide the industry with the benefit of practical experience and help advance the local construction industry. Our challenges are many and training remains the priority for maintaining our competitiveness."

To find out more about BIM training at ÉTS Formation, please visit their website.

To learn more about the services of the BIM One team for Quebec City, Montreal and Vancouver, visit our services page.

Jean-François Lapointe
VP Consulting Services, BIM One

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