We’re #BIMOne. We’re a team of passionate individuals delivering consulting services. And our clients are building a better world.


We are a consulting firm that helps our customers succeed in their construction project management and the implementation of technologies related to information modeling.

Jimmy Plante et Carl Veillette co-founded the company back in 2013. But why BIM One? Simply put, it was a means to work head-on to improve the fate of stakeholders facing problems they were most passionate about solving. Jimmy and Carl’s passion centered around technology. Both had started their careers at Groupe Canam, one of the most important firms in the construction industry. They felt destined to be entrepreneurs, and it was clear that they could make a massive difference by surrounding themselves with the best talent.

Since 2013, BIM One has grown rapidly by combining cutting-edge expertise in BIM and software development. We are a multidisciplinary team of more than 100 employees, mainly based in Quebec and Montreal.

BIM One has several hundred years of combined experience. Indeed, some of our colleagues have worked in the construction industry for more than 20 years, allowing us to meet the distinct needs of building and infrastructure managers, contractors, architects, and engineers.

In 2021, BIM One became a part of Newforma Holdings. With 122,000 users worldwide, Newforma is the pioneer in Project Information Management (PIM) for the design and construction industry.


We have directly contributed to the success of BIM projects with a total value of more than $5.5 billion. In Canada, BIM One is the BIM consulting firm that has completed the most significant number of mandates for BIM management.



To be one of the world’s leading AECO digitalization and technology firms serving clients from all industries and on all continents.


While placing human beings at the core of all projects, we exist to bring our AECO customers a digital-first approach to construction – from design to operation to end of life – resulting in their long-term growth, increased productivity, and efficiency.


As part of the Newforma Holdings family, Here at BIM One, we come to work every day because we believe that a digital-first approach to construction, from design to operation to end of life – is the means to ensure long-term growth for our customers.

BIM One is here to help you see digital transformation differently, discover possibilities you may never have envisioned, and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be. We believe technology is at the service of the humans who deliver a better-built world. We allow the people we serve to focus on what you do best – design, plan, build and manage. Leave the tech and digital transformation strategy to us.


is to build relationships, strategies, and plans that make the lives of leaders in the AECOO industry easier by bringing them digital technologies and information management.  Under our guidance, they reap the benefits of true BIM and beyond. We believe in promoting your team’s success so you can focus on what you do best.

We do this by enabling clients like you with technology and by abolishing the silos. We bring you the necessary human resources, skills, expertise, and industry knowledge to get you to where you want to be.

Leave the tech and digital transformation strategy to us.

We are construction people serving the construction industry. We get you.


We’re convinced that a more efficient sharing of information (including data) will make it possible to build better buildings faster and lower overall costs.

With the overwhelming amount of information that is available and produced today, we can help you source and mine the data that is lying dormant. We are here to analyze, leverage, and unleash its value.

We exist because everyone needs a guide. You set the destination; we guide you to it and set you up for the greatest success.

We know things move fast in construction projects, and we’re here to take care of improving the performance of your business and your teams while you focus on what you do best.



We love working with our talented colleagues. Whenever possible, we pitch in to help a co-worker in need.


We always honor individuals and diversity and act with trust and respect. We are skilled and hyper-competent yet genuinely humble. Ours is a collaborative environment where everyone’s voice is heard.


Passion is what drives our performance. Every day, we strive to deliver our best. We are a passionate bunch, and it shows!


We put ourselves in your shoes. We always start from a place of believing intentions are good. We are human, working with humans, for humans. Humanity, kindness, and grace define us.

And finally, we value…


At BIM One, we check our egos at the door.


Our ever-evolving team of CanBIM certified BIM experts and developers across Canada is dedicated to making your design and construction projects more efficient, more cost-effective, and less complicated. We can help you plan better, control, communicate and model your BIM projects.

“I’m extremely proud to be part of the BIM One team and participate in major projects that make the value of digital transformation shine.”

Bruno-Pierre CaronBIM Manager


Franck Murat

Expertise Director

Vincent Carignan, eng.

Director of Operations

Marie-Pierre Lebel, eng.

Director of Major Projects

Étienne St-Hilaire, CPA

Director of Finances & Administration

Victoria Salvador

Senior Marketing Director

Damien Labrie-Girard

Director of Human Ressources

Catherine Taillon

Executive Assistant, Consulting Services

Tommy Leclerc-Dubé

IT & Procurement Manager

Catherine Michaud-Bolduc

Talent & Culture Coordinator

Marie-Michelle Laplante

Accounting & Administrative Technician

Sheila Bouchard

Accounting Technician


Raphaël Guillemette

Business Development Manager


Bruno-Pierre Caron

BIM Manager

Florent Cordewener, BIM Manager

Florent Cordewener

BIM Manager

Thierry Eustache-Létourneau, eng.

BIM Manager

Ipek Gunyayla

BIM Manager

Sahar Kanzari

BIM Manager

Mohssine Moutee

BIM Manager

Étienne Royer

BIM Manager

Steve Sénéchal

BIM Manager

Emmanuelle Nonirit

Special Projects Manager

Stéphanie Viger

Special Projects Manager

Abdellatif Toumi

Continuous Improvement Analyst

Vincent Bergeron

Coordinator, Modeling Team

Badal Bhavsar

BIM Modeler

Jade Beltran

BIM Specialist

Valérie Blais

BIM Specialist

Benjamin Bleirad

BIM Specialist

Vincent Cadoret

Senior BIM Specialist

Jean-Marc Couffin

Senior BIM Specialist

Maxime Duguay

BIM Specialist

Karoline F. Duval

BIM Specialist

Arthur Grenier

BIM Specialist

Vincent Guéguen

BIM Specialist

Mehran Khatibi

BIM Specialist

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