FAQ – Invoicing

1. Q: How can I access the details of my invoice when I receive services on an hourly basis?

A: In the email received from Harvest, under the header “Attachment / Attachment” there is a hyperlink leading to the PDF of the invoice details – see red box opposite.

2. Q: I received an email from Harvest with the BIM One logo. What is Harvest?

A: Harvest is our billing platform. You may receive emails from the platform for our monthly invoices or our payment tracking. Emails are received from the address notifications@harvestapp.com which is an address used for sending only. If you have any questions, please contact finance@bimone.com instead.

3. Q: I remember receiving an invoice from you by email, but I can’t find the email. Help?

A: Harvest sends you invoices using the address notifications@harvestapp.com with a title similar to:

Facture # **** de Construction virtuelle et technologie BIMOne Inc.

the asterisks representing the unique invoice number. Please note that the system does not send an attachment attached to the email.

4. Q: Can I view my account statement online?

A: Yes, by clicking on the “See all open invoices” button on the web copy of your invoice, accessible from the email received from Harvest.